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Angna Ghar

Nestled in the backyard of a local Tharu house, Angna Ghar is a student lodging operated by locals where communities assemble and cross-cultural connections thrive.

Our story

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child, even more so to nurture a culture at peril, same with ideas and the practice of community development. Tharu culture has survived and thrived on the foundation of strong communality and community interactions.

Amenities and Capacity

Number of rooms: 7
Number of beds: 4 in each room
Each room has:

  • Four beds
  • Mattresses, pillows and blankets
  • Towels
  • Charging ports

Toilets and showers are outdoors and shared.

The Making of Angna Ghar

Angna Ghar is an authentic Tharu architectural model with a thatched roof. It is built in the most simplistic manner adopting the traditional building practices- with wood, bamboo, sun-dried wild reeds and elephant grass harvested after the monsoon, and plastered with a mixture of clay, mud, and animal dung.